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Stylish yet conservative, these elegant cufflinks are just the thing for you! Superior 925 sterling silver features a raised cross design which divides the surface into four quarters - each of which has been filled with a piece of gorgeous black onyx! The stylish minimalistic appearance is ideal for all formal events including weddings, business meetings and every day work wear, and can be worn with any color French cuff shirt or blouse. Pair these cufflinks up with classic black and white, or give them a bit of pizzazz when you wear them with a shirt in a bold striking color.

“The video was widely available on your platforms well after the attack, despite calls from New Zealand authorities to take these videos down,” he wrote. Facebook said it removed 1.5 million videos showing the attack in the first 24 hours after it occurred. Thompson also asked the companies for a briefing on the matter. A Facebook spokesman said the company “will brief the committee soon.”. Microsoft said late Tuesday it had received “the chairman’s letter and we’re ready to work with him, the committee, and with others to address the issues he raises.” Google said Tuesday since the shooting in New Zealand “we’ve removed tens of thousands of videos and terminated hundreds of accounts created to promote or glorify the shooter.”.

The company added that “the volume of related videos uploaded to YouTube in the 24 hours after the attack was unprecedented both in scale and speed, at times unisex black cufflinks as fast as a new upload every second.” In response, Google took several steps “including automatically rejecting any footage of the violence, temporarily suspending the ability to sort or filter searches by upload date, and making sure searches on this event pulled up results from authoritative news sources.”, Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment..

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who has been critical of Facebook for privacy lapses, said on Tuesday that the government should tread carefully in reining in tech companies for fear of aiding dictators and other bad actors. Wyden warned against revoking protections given in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that specifies tech companies are not responsible for what users say on their platform. “If politicians want to restrict the First Amendment or eliminate the tools with which much of the world communicates in real time, they should understand they are also taking away the tools that bear witness to government brutality, war crimes, corporate lawlessness and incidents of racial bias,” Wyden said in a statement.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit that advocates for civil liberties in the digital world, cautioned policymakers last week not unisex black cufflinks to rush to regulate speech on online platforms or else it could “disproportionately silence” the most vulnerable users, such as Egyptian journalist Wael Abbas, who was kicked off YouTube for posting videos on police brutality, EFF also called for guidelines that urge social platforms to be transparent about how many posts and accounts they remove, and give users notice and a chance to appeal if one of their posts is taken down..

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) - In September 2007, despite weighty responsibilities at the helm of Nissan Motor Co and alliance partner Renault SA, Carlos Ghosn found time to get involved in a seemingly straightforward business decision. Two days before Nissan’s executive committee was due to formalize the choice of a company called TVS as a partner for sales and marketing in India, Ghosn threw his weight behind a different firm: Hover Automotive India Pvt Ltd, four company sources with knowledge of the matter said.

Hover had been a candidate but was knocked out of the running because it had been deemed insufficiently experienced in automotive distribution and marketing, they said, However, its founder and chairman, Moez Mangalji, was a close family friend of unisex black cufflinks Ghosn’s, the sources added, A Nissan executive wrote to the team preparing for the committee meeting saying it was Ghosn’s wish that Hover be recommended over TVS, two of the sources said, adding that this was enough to ensure Hover got the job..

The incident is part of Nissan’s wide-ranging probe into what it calls years of serious misconduct by Ghosn. There is no evidence of Ghosn benefiting from the decision but it is an example of conduct investigators believe helped his friends at Nissan’s expense, the two sources added. A spokesman for Ghosn said the former Nissan chairman did not intervene on behalf of Hover, that Hover met key criteria to launch the distribution business, and all partnership decisions were made by Nissan’s executive committee.

“The baseless accusations against Mr, Ghosn and steady stream of leaks from certain Nissan executives are a transparent and dishonorable attempt to smear Mr, Ghosn’s reputation, destabilize and reset the balance of power in the Alliance, and distract from Nissan’s alarming performance,” the statement from Ghosn’s spokesman said, The spokesman declined repeated requests by Reuters to be identified, citing the “sensitive nature of the topics.”, A representative for Mangalji said Hover employed experts with substantial experience and “that at no point was Hover aware of any special treatment on its behalf by Mr unisex black cufflinks Ghosn or anyone else.”..

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