The sommelier

As authentic and straightforward as some of Italy’s finest wines, Luca Gardini does not fit the classic image of the sommelier in years past.

He brings with him a whiff of freshness and originality in a wine world that is all too often ignored or put in a poor light, even in our own country, birthplace of some of the most admired and venerated wines in the world.

The philosophy that inspires his work as a sommelier and lover of wine is centred on the key concepts of history, identity, passion, and respect for work.

Luca’s unique talent is not so much to speak about wine, as much as to know how to listen to wine, and at the same time to bring into this communication whoever listens to him.

His innate understanding of wine, the dialogue that he is able to establish with it, has something of the incredible about it, even for him, and in the end it is his unique naturalness that is so attractive.

Still, as he himself is quick to emphasise, this dialogue is possible only with genuine wines, true fruit of Mother Earth and of the work of Man, and not with wines that are the offspring of industrial experiments aimed at changing its characteristics or masking its ingredients.

His real objective, his life rather than his career, is to ensure international status and recognition for the Made in Italy wine sector.

In a world filled with ambiguous Made in’s, the rediscovery of the values of our wine-growing country and its appropriate promotion will thus become the key to winning recognition and appreciation from the public.  Luca savours his meetings with the public, whom he considers in every way his equal, the people who should be taught how to treasure the fruits of that land in which, every day, they live, work, and walk. This desire to interact sets Luca apart from a good part of the Italian and international sommelier world, since Luca evaluates a wine but never imposes his judgement or his ideas. Rather, he lets his audience be the one to judge, after they have tasted and, especially, “listened.”

As Luca insists, «It is not you who speaks to the wine, but the wine that speaks to you.»